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Dr. E.V. Hill I
The sermon "JOSEPH'S SEAT" is without question one of the classic and yet contemporary sermons of all time.  Dr. Edward Victor Hill I, is without question one of the legendary gospel preaching giants of all time.  Pastor Hill preached this sermon several years ago and as you will hear in his message, he was preaching "primarily to preachers".  It's for this reason (the fact that he is preaching this message primarily to preachers); that I believe this sermon to be of particular value to preachers of The Gospel and preachers in general.  In this sermon Pastor Hill addresses the challenges that preachers and particularly "pastors" face as we sit in "Joseph's Seat" ... a place of influence, power and leadership.  I want to thank my dear friend Rev. Joseph Johnson Sr., for first sharing this message with me some fifteen years or so ago.  I share it now with you.  Listen and learn.  Hear and heed.
Dr. Jasper Williams Jr

"A Good Soldier", preached by Dr. Jasper Williams Jr., at the homegoing celebration of Dr. C.L. Franklin.

The landscape of preaching and black/African American preaching in-particular is changing fast.  In fact, one almost has to look around with intent and tenacity to find an African American preacher who still holds true to the sweet celebration that set African American preaching apart from all others in days gone by.  Dr. Jasper Williams Jr., was at the preaching of this sermon and still is today one of our GOD's most gifted preachers.  His ability to not only sing and celebrate but... "Say It!" ... is evident and obvious for all to hear in this wonderful sermon titled:  "A Good Soldier"; which he preached at the home-going service of Dr. C.L. Franklin.   As I think about the gifts that seem not only native but natural to Dr. Williams, I am immediately mindful of the fact that the man he is eulogizing in this sermon may very well be the god-father, most certainly one of the god-father's of classic black preaching.  In truth, it seems clear that Dr. Franklin had more than a passing influence on Dr. Williams as he should on us all.  Listen and learn.  Hear and heed.